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Matchlock muzzle-loading musket

Matchlock muzzle-loading musket



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Physical Description

Straight rectangular lock of trigger type, with plain lockplate and serpent. Square pan with pivoting cover. Barrel is octagonal at the breech and round at the muzzle, the transition marked by a pair of chiselled bands located about one-third of its length from the breech end. The deeply hooked trigger is enclosed in a guard which runs rearwards to form a finger rest, the back end curving sharply inwards behind the spur. The breech screw is inserted upwards through the front finial of the trigger guard. Notch backsight on the top barrel flat with a bead foresight on top at the muzzle. Fully stocked, with the barrel retained by three pins and the plain wood ramrod retained by a single iron band near the muzzle. Buttstock with fishtail butt curving downwards.


Carved, Forging



Serial Number None visible


.80 in


Places England