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Composite bow

Composite bow



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Presented 1978.

Physical Description

The bow is composite and reflexed. The belly is covered with black horn in two pieces that butt at the grip where there is a sliver of horn inserted to fill the gap. The visible surface of the horn is scoured with file marks. The back of the bow has the sinew covered with black textured leather decorated with line borders and leaves in gold. Both ears are of natural polished wood with decorative touches in gold.


Dimensions: The length of the bow measured around the outside curve is 1100 mm whilst the width of a limb is 27 mm. Weight: The weight of the bow is 0.26 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

The date is written in gold just below one ear. There is also a short inscription in black, presumably the maker's name, running along the top of the ear.


Places Turkey


This is a flight bow.