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Powder flask and pouches (kamar)

Powder flask and pouches (kamar)



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Purchased from the Great Exhibition, 1851

Physical Description

The flask is of horn covered with green velvet embroidered in gold thread with herringbone patterns and a brorder of rosettes. It is pierced at the top filled with a wooden plug covered with ivory carved as an onion dome. The plug is attached to the carrying loop of the flask by a length of red cord. The bottom of the flask, which is curved round to touch one side, has a horn finial carved as a lotus blossom. There is a leather carrying loop attached by two iron staples, and by this the flask is attched to the belt, which is of leather covered with green velvet. Also attached to the belt by loops are three rectangular leather pouches, also covered in green velvet and embroidered with gold thread. Each pouch is closed by a strap with a buckle formed of two gilt rings.


Dimensions: overall length 142 cm; flask height 16.4 cm Weight: 995 gm

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