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Musket - Matchlock Musket

Musket - Matchlock Musket



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The barrel is round for its entire length, swelling into a boulbous muzzle pierced with a hole that once held a foresight. Towards the breech is a join that divides the barrel into two sections. The shape of the attached pan, fitted with a sheet iron cover, and the muzzle suggests that this barrel has been made by cutting out a section from the middle of an Indian barrel. The stock is of pale coloured wood, the pistol grip being shaped by splicing on a separate piece. There are staples in this position that suggest that there was once a pouch attached to the side of the stock. The stock is shaped for the fitting of a bipod in the manner of a Tibetan gun. Around the breech is a copper band that extends into an apron. The gun has the usual simple trigger and serpentine. The strap is thin and of leather, held onto the musket by two strap loops, one just infront of the pan and one 270mm behind the muzzle. The ram-rod consists of a straight iron rod that is curled over into a loop at the protruding end.



BarrelLength1105 mm
OverallLength1442 mm
OverallWeight4 kg
OverallWidth43 mm



Inscriptions and Marks

Arsenal mark
Along the top of the barrel near the breech is an inscription that appears to refer to an arsenal and the numer 154.
top of the barrel, near the breech


Places China/Asia

Bibliographic References

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