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Purchased at auction at Christie's, 14 April 1966, lot 167 (illustrated in catalogue, plate vii left)

Physical Description

Guard with encrusted silver decoration. Iron basket-hilt of conventional early British form with circular plates at the junction of the saltire bars and a large spherical pommel (with vestigial button) to which the main knuckle-guard is screwed. All the elements of the guard are decorated with encrusted silver wire tendril and whorl patterns which, on the pommel, are separated by longitudinal bands. Wooden grip (slightly wormed), now lacking any covering.

Straight, two-edged blade with three fullers of equal width, the central one of which is stamped on one face ANDREA and on the other FERARA.


Dimensions: Overall length: 990 mm (39 in.), Blade length: 846 mm (33.3 in.) Weight: 2 lb 8 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

On blade, once on each face, near the hilt, stamped: a mark comprising or resembling a double X (Dufty 1974, Pl. 108).


Bibliographic References

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