Object Title

Eagle talon cudgel (zhuazi bang)

Eagle talon cudgel (zhuazi bang)



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Purchased at auction, Sotheby's, 16 December 1980 lot 363. From the Major A D F White collection.

Physical Description

Mace or cudgel with hinged claws which can be used to catch an opponent's clothing. Wooden grip with brass fluted pommel and strengthening bands. The haft attaches to the grip through a socket formed to resemble a dragon's head. The head is made from metal and takes a shape reminiscent of a bird's claw, with three articulated talons and one smaller hooked appendage below, which is more rigid.


HeadLength100 mm
OverallLength595 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

None visible


Places China/Asia


From the gallery label: This is sometimes called a 'chicken foot cudgel'. It has hinged claws which can be used for catching an opponent's clothing. Othewr versions had pairs of articulated talons attached together by ropes.