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Centrefire six-shot military revolver - Enfield Mk.II

Centrefire six-shot military revolver - Enfield Mk.II



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Originally loaned to Glencorse Barracks Museum, Edinburgh, and returned in 1992 when the Museum closed down.

Physical Description

First issued in 1882. It is blued overall and is a top break revolver, with sliding cylinder ejection system permitting empty cases to be ejected . Loading is by means of a sprung loading gate on the right side of the frame. A thumb release catch on the top right of the frame permits unlocking of the frame. The barrel is round, The cylinders have church door chambers. There is a large, flat hammer, and rounded triggerguard. The one piece grip is in plain wood, with a lanyard ring on the butt. The pistol is blued, but heavily pitted, particularly on the right side


BarrelLength148 mm
OverallLength293 mm


Serial Number 4104


.476 in Eley

Inscriptions and Marks

Left rear of frame: V.R under crown, 1882 Mk II. Stamped with War Department inspection stamps


Places Britain


This model was in use until replaced by the Webley Mk.I in 1890. The production figures for 1882 are believed to be 8,480.