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Matchlock carbine (teppo)

Matchlock carbine (teppo)



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Presented by the Wellcome Museum of Historical Medecine, 1943.

Physical Description

The barrel is octagonal, flaring slightly towards the muzzle where there is a moulding. The foresight is of triangular section whilst the backsight is a block with a convex forward portion and a transverse hole. The upper surface of the barrel has been decorated with two bonji (representing Amida Buddha and Jizo), a Tokugawa mon and sparrows and bamboo, originally in silver, gold and copper, now much rubbed. The barrel is fitted with the usual pan, pan cover and flash guard.
The stock is of red oak, kashi with the furniture reduced to simple washers around the pins but cut and shaped with precision. Inside the barrel channel is an ink inscription. The gun retains its ramrod of oak having a transverse hole drilled through it near the lower end.
The lock is of brass, of the finest quality workmanship. There is a seal with two characters stamped inside the front of the plate. The mechanism is fitted with an internal coil spring and a rotating tumbler operated on by a horizontal sliding scear. The trigger pull can be regulated by varying the tension on the scear spring. The bearing surfaces of the scear and tumbler are inlaid with steel.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 46 cm, 3 cm wide at the breech and 2.5 cm across the muzzle. The bore is 1.15 cm. The total length of the gun is 70.5 cm. Weight: The weight of the barrel is 1.72 kg, the total weight is 2.49 kg


11.5 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed 'Kunitomo Kubei' The barrel is also inscribed to the effect that it is made with two wound layers and that it submitted with the higest respect. The stock is inscribed Kunitomo Tomobeimon and 'genuine make'.



This gun, although very plain, is of the highest quality workmanship.