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Matchlock musket (teppo)

Matchlock musket (teppo)



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Transferred from Bristol City Museum (Ea 6655), 1966.

Physical Description

The barrel is of round section with a top sighting flat, swelling at the muzzle into an elaborate octagonal moulding. The foresight is missing, the rearsight being a block having a sloping forward face drilled with a transverse hole and an L shaped slot. There is the usual iron pan but the cover and flash-guard are missing. The barrel is decorated for its full length with key frets and two carp swimming up a waterfall in silver overlay. The barrel is signed underneath.
The lock is of brass, the plate being only slightly curved and 'necked down' at the front and rear. It is fitted with an internal coil spring, horizontally sliding scear and tumbler similar to XXVI F.27. Externally there is a heavy brass serpentine and a stud to prevent over-cocking.
The stock is of red oak, kashi, tapering to a small pistol grip. The holes for securing pins are surrounded by cherry blossom shaped washers. There is a leather loop fitted into a slot through the fore-end and a brass ring fitted below the breech area; both to fit a carrying sling. The gun retains its original ramrod of oak.


Dimensions: Overall length: 960mm Barrel length: 675 mm; 42 mm at the breech and 42 mm across the muzzle. Weight: The weight of the barrel is 5.3 kg, the total weight of the gun is 6.7 kg.


18.7 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Signed under the breech 'Goshu Kunitomo Fuji Tomoe' and two other characters that might signify 'efficient killer'



A good quality gun with a well made lock and barrel.