Object Title

Quiver (utsubo)

Quiver (utsubo)



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Transferred from Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, no. Ea 5768, 1966.

Physical Description

Is of the normal utsubo form, of papier mache and wood construction. Externally the quiver is lacquered black with two bands of red lacquer around the upper part and with the mon, of nine discs in three rows of three, in red lacquer on the lid. Around the mid section is a band of dark green leather, a leather pad, a waist belt and a ring. A strap of the same leather with a copper alloy ring fastens across the lind and engages with a stud on the opposite side. Internally the quiver is lacquered gold with two leather loops to take a cord or tape to tie around the arrows. Inside the lid is a pouch in gilded leather for a spare bowstring. In the lower corner is a drain hole bordered by a copper alloy eyelet.
The eight war arrows have plain bamboo shafts, three eagle feather fletchings, black lacquered servings and willow leaf heads.


Dimensions: The overall length of the utsubo is 950 mm, the length of the door is 320 mm. Each arrow is 895 mm, with 138 mm fletchings. Weight: The total weight to the utsubo with lid is 0.9 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Quiver marked E 5768, arrows marked 5769,5771,5772,5773,5774,5775


Places Japan


Only six arrows are now present.