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Quiver (ebira)

Quiver (ebira)



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Presented by the Wellcome Museum for the History of Medecine, 1955.

Physical Description

Comprising a wooden support of eliptical section widening towards the base, where a hook for a waist belt is carved in it. Above the hook is a band of dark copper alloy bordered by black rattan bindings, and above this an eyeletted hole. The top has a metal ferrule to which is attached a bracket of brass strip pierced for five arrows, with cord loops at either side. The arrow heads rest in a red-brown lacquered pocket decorated with a Maeda mon on each face.

There are ten arrows with wooden nocks, eagle feather fletchings and plain bamboo shafts, fitted with blunt iron heads for target archery. They are associated with the quiver.


Dimensions: The length of the quiver is 865 mm, the length of each arrow is 925 mm, the fletchings are 152 mm long. Weight: The weight of the quiver and arrows is 0.75 kg.

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