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Flintlock double-barrelled combination dagger and pistol

Flintlock double-barrelled combination dagger and pistol



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The gun has two barrel, one over the other, separated by wood and a silver mount at the muzzle. Both are blued with a gilded trophy at the breech a crescent and star, foliage and other decoration. The wood on either side is decorated with silver wire inlay. Both barrels seem to be fired by the one lock, which is rather shorteded at the tail and decorated with crude gilt foliage on a blued ground. There is a gilded scroll on the plate with a fake name. All four sides of the gun behind the lock are covered in thin sheet silver engraved with similar motifs to the barrels. Instead of a conventional stock is a khanjar type hilt in plain silver, the pommel cap of which is of two silver flowering plants, chiselled in high relief on a black ground. The hilt breaks in the middle to reveal a blade with gold overlaid panels at the forte.


Dimensions: The length of the barrels is 274 mm, the overall length of the gun is 510 mm, the blade is 313 mm and the overall length of the knife is 387 mm. Weight: The weight of the gun is 1.11 kg.

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Bibliographic References

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