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Flintlock pistol

Flintlock pistol



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Presented by the National Art Collection Fund, 1942. From the Norton Hall Collection.

Physical Description

This gun is the pair to XXVIF.14 q.v. The barrel is of circular setion throughout with mouldings at the breech and about a third of the length. The region near the breech being chiselled with foliage and roccocco decoration in relief, the sunken ground being gilded. The barrel retains all of its original blueing. The entire stock has been covered with silver shet over which is a gilded covering, pierced to leave an interlace of foliage. The butt cap is silver chiselled and parcel gilt. Around the small of the butt are windings of gilded wire. There is one narrow band around the centre of the barrel and a long covereing over the muzzle region. The blued lock has a flat plate with chamfered edges, chiselled with foliage on a gilt ground. The flat faced cock is similarly decorated. The pan has a bridle for the ribbed faced frizzen. In the cock is the remains of a flint wrapped in sheet silver.


Dimensions: The length of the barrel is 346 mm the overall length is 530 mm. Weight: The weight of the pistol is 0.95 kg.


16 mm.

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