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Sword (kris)

Sword (kris)



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Found, Fusiliers Basement, 7 July 1993.

Physical Description

The blade is wavy and double edged, with a single medial fuller running threequarters of the length and running into a medial ridge at the point. It exhibits a nice pamir. The blade expands at the hilt to form a ganja, cusped at the back and at the edge. The fuller is incised with a stylised floral motif. The ganja is bound with an iron band which is retained by a copper clip which is fastened to the hilt with a brass band. The latter has some incised decoration. The hilt is of wood covered with plaited braid. and has a stylised kingfisher pommel.


Dimensions: The overall length of the weapon is 600 mm, the length of the blade being 480 mm. Weight: Thw eight of the weapon is 0.55 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks