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Left cuisse

Left cuisse



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Ex Bartell Collection, Purchased Sotheby's November 1950.

Physical Description

Formed of a main plate with two subsidiary plates at the top articulated by sliding rivets at the outside and leathers inside. The main edge is knurled. The poleyn is missing, but one of its articulating lames survives. An embossed knurled ridge runs diagonally across the main plate, which is etched with broad bands of foliage, with panels of ornament bright on a blackened ground separated and bordered by bands of etched and gilt ornament. Recessed bands with the same decoration border the inner edge and the lower edge of the diagonal ridge, and all these are bordered with sprigs of conventional foliage.


Weight: 935 g (2 lb 1 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

none visible


Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and W. Reid, European Armour in the Tower of London, 1968, plate CXXXIII.


Other parts of the same armour are the closed burgonet in the Wallace collection no. A.182, a right tasset divisible into two and extending to the knee in the Walters Art Gallery, Baltimore no. 51.541, and a sabaton in the Harding Museum, Chicago no. 692. See Norman 1986: 67-8 and Landhuter Plattnerkunst taf. 33 for the group of pieces all decorated in the same scheme, some of which probably formed part of a garniture for Duke Wilhelm V of Julich, Cleve and Berg of about 1551, shown in a portrait medallion of 1566. Norman identified 6 separate groups of pieces with this decoration, and speculated that some of the elements might have formed an armour of Philip II of Spain. An additional wrapper in the Kienbusch collection was not mentioned by Norman, oddly as a photo was sent to Mann by Kienbusch in 1960 together with photos of his vambrace.