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Powder flask

Powder flask



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Physical Description

Consists of s natural shell that has had the outer surface removed to show the nacre underneath. At the mouth there has been added an octagonal extention in wood covered in plates of shell to form panels. The top is similarly covered with plates edges with red lacquer. The spout is of shell with a stopper of rolled leather attached by a yellow and green cord on which is a leather disc edged with red thread. A similar stopper, cord and disc is also attached.


Dimensions: The width of the top of the flask is 115 mm, the depth is 150 mm. Weight: The weight of the flask is 0.55 kg.

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Bibliographic References

J. Hewitt, Official catalogue of the Tower Armouries, London, 1859, no. xv.213, p.103.

Viscount Dillon, Illustrated guide to the Armouries, London, 1910, no. xv.173, p.24.


This is the smaller of the two similar flasks mentioned in Hewitt.