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Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



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Presented by the East India Company, 1851. From the Punjab

Physical Description

The stock is of dark reddish wood with a polished surface. At the end of the butt, of pentagonal section, straight and slender, is a gilded, moulded cap. Marks and holes in the wood indicate that there were originally ornaments on either side of the stock at the grip. On the underside of the stock behind the trigger, which is pierced in the shape of a leaf and tendril and partially gilded, is a petalled eyelet around a blind hole. The side plates are entirely covered in rich, gold koftgari of rather coarse flowers and foliage. On the right is a pierced stud through which is threaded a pricker attached by a chain. A gilt band arches over the breech and is slotted around the backsight, four other gilt bands fasten the barrel to the stock. The ramrod is gilt en suite with the other mounts. The gun retains its sling of scarlet silk tablet woven braid with borders decorated with silver triangles.


Dimensions: overall length 1801 mm, barrel length 1292 mm Weight: 3,600 g


15 mm.

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