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Matchlock musket (toradar)

Matchlock musket (toradar)



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Presented by the East India Company in 1851. Said to have come from Nurwur (Narwar in Madya Pradesh)

Physical Description

The stock is of polished red wood, of pentagonal shape, straight and fitted with an ivory butt-cap having a ring and dot motif around the edge. There are circular pierced medalions on either side, of iron with gilding and koftgari, in the form of four leaves radiating from the centre to the outer ring. These are applied over red velvet. Similar smaller medalions occur on the underside in front of and behing the trigger. The plain steel trigger is shaped as a leaf and tendril. The region behind the breech is cut from the same wood as the stock but is stained darker. Around the breech is a narrow gilded iron strap, whilst a pricker tube and chain, also gilded is fitted to the side. The gun retains a sling made from a flat braid of silver thread woven in a checkerboard pattern. In front of the pan, the wood of the stock is elaborately carved with foliage. The barrel is round, tapering sharply near the breech where there is a moulding and elaborate arabesque decoration in gold koftgari. The pan is pierced vertically and decorated in koftgari, as is the cover. At the muzzle the barrel is carved in the form of a tiger's head highlighted with gold details. The barrel is held to the gun by 9 bindings of leather strip.


BarrelLength1262 mm
OverallLength1735 mm


14 mm.

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Bibliographic References

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The condition of this gun suggests it is not as old as Hewitt describes.