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Carp halberd (liyu dao)

Carp halberd (liyu dao)



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Presented by Messrs. Gould and Swayne, 1956.

Physical Description

The uppermost part of the head of this weapon consists of a long leaf shaped blade with shaped and cusped edges near the tip, mounted on a long socket with facetted mouldings. Fitted around the base of this blade above the upper part of the socket shaft is a brass fish-beast with a dragon-like countenance with horns and fangs. A curved axe blade issues from the mouth of this beast. The dragonish head is moulded in some detail; the teeth, mane and neck scales are all engraved, and the eye sockets, horns and mane protrude on either side of the head. There are bronze-coloured plugs inserted through the fangs/incisor teeth. The socket is fitted to a red-stained wooden shaft, which terminates in a brass ferrule.



Head and socketLength1061 mm
OverallLength2613 mm
OverallWeight5.423 kg
HeadWidth280 mm

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Places China/Asia

Bibliographic References

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