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Staff weapon

Staff weapon



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Presented by Messrs. Gould and Swayne, 1956.

Physical Description

At the apex of the head is a crescent shaped blade, concave side upwards, having a slight ridge running from tip to tip and having the extreme tips bent around to form closed loops. This is rivetted in a slot cut in the main stem of the head which is slightly flattened to take it. below this their is a multifacetted moulding, an octagonal section, another moulding, a shorter baluster section another moulding and then the socket. The blade is mounted on a stained wood shaft of round section having a brass collar around the base.


Dimensions: length: overall 2589 mm (101.9 in), Head length: 1007 mm (40 in), the width across the blade is 315 mm. Weight: The weight of the spear is 4.0 kg.

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Places China