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Single crescent halberd (dan ji)

Single crescent halberd (dan ji)



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Presented by Messrs. Gould and Swayne, 1956.

Physical Description

The head has a central blade of flattened lozenze section and of waved outline, but with blunt edges, that tapers down to an octagonal bar. Morticed into the bar are two S-shaped arms that carry a crescent shaped side-blade at their outer ends. The two ends of the crescent are also shaped with notional waves. Below the side-blades, there is a multifacetted moulding, an octagonal section, another moulding and the long tapering socket. The stained round wood shaft is fitted with a plain brass collar at the base.


Dimensions: length: overall 2568 mm (101.1 in), Head length: 978 mm (38.5 in) Weight: The weight of the spear is 2.95 kg.

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