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Sword (katana)

Sword (katana)



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Part of a gift of 5 swords given by Mrs Owen Greek, 17th february 1989.

Physical Description

Shinogi zukuri blade with slight fumbari, saki zori, ihori mune and medium length kissaki. The tang is long, tapering with a katayama kengyo end; ubu and mumei. The single tang hole is partially plugged with wood. The hamon is obscured but seems in part to be widely spaced gonome with spots. Neither the hada nor the boshi can be seen.
The scabbard is covered with very thin black ishimei lacquer and is fitted with an old iron kojiri that may be splashed with sawari.The hilt is covered with poor quality same and black chevron patterned braid. Fuchi / gashira are of yamagane with horses in relief with touches of gold. On the back of the fuchi is a raised seal with two characters. The menuki are of riding whips and bits in shakudo and gold. The tsuba is an iron plate with a slightly thickened round rim and a hammered surface. It is decorated on the front with foliage in silvered copper and a puppy scratching itself in yamagane.


HiltLength266 mm
KissakiLength40 mm
BladeLength675 mm
ScabbardLength760 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Japan


Rather poor blade with a very ugly kissaki.