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Long bladed staff weapon

Long bladed staff weapon



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Presented by Messrs. Gould and Swayne, 1956.

Physical Description

Extremely long flat sided blade with a straight back, the cutting edge tapering in a straight line towards a rounded point. There are two narrow parallel fullers that run near the back of the blade for most of its length. The blade butts against a rectangular hand guard with sightly concave sides, notched at the corners and with grooves in the edges. The underside of the guard is concave. Below the guard are three brass collars around the lightly stained shaft, and two iron rivets through floral brass washers that fasten the blade. At the base of the shaft is a brass band.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 1230 mm, the length of the shaft is 1360 mm. Weight: The weight of the weapon is 4.2 kg.

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Places China