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Lamellar armour and helmet

Lamellar armour and helmet



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Purchased at auction, Christie, Manson and Wood, 22 Novemeber 1965, lot . From the Robert Koch collection. Formerly double numbered with XXVIA.141.

Physical Description

Comprising a lamellar coat and a helmet. The helmet is hemispherical, composed of triangular lames laced with leather, surmounted by a ribbed tube and bordered around the brim with a padded roll of leopard skin. The lining and helmet cords are of pink fabric. The coat is full length, opening down the front, and has shoulder defences. It is formed of leather lamellae lacquered red except on the waist row, where they are lacquered gold. It is laced with thin leather thongs. The edges of the front opening are bordered with yellow cloth, and the lower edge is fringed with red, white and black hair tassels.formerly associated with XXVIA.141 now deleted


Dimensions: 1450mm height, 800mm width as mounted

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Bibliographic References

H. R. Robinson, Oriental Armour, London, 1967, pl. XXII B.


What appears to be the same armour is illustrated by Yang Hong, 'Zhongguo ge bingqi luncong', Beijing, 1985. formerly associated with XXVIA.141