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Uniform (ding jia)

Uniform (ding jia)



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Presented 1951.

Physical Description

The armour consists of a silvered copper conical helmet with a peak, brow-plate, plume-tube and ornamental ridges at the front, back and sides. The helmet is of pierced, engraved and gilded copper. There are also four gilt dragons with heads attached on coiled springs which fit in between the ridges which are pierced with a feather design. All other mounts are embossed with dragons. The neck and ear flaps are made of fabric. The helmet has a quilted silk lining with a chin-cord.

The coat has long sleeves that open at the front with semicircular gussets beneath the arms and a square panel to hang over the opening in front that is suspended by ball buttons and loops as are the circular silvered mirrors with gilt borders on the breast and back.

The shoulder-guards are fastened with tape and buckles to the shoulders of the coat. They are of semicircular shape and bordered with panels of copper-gilt which is embossed, pierced and engraved with dragons. The long wrap-around skirt has the lower forward edge of it's front opening cut on the curve.

All of the fabric portions are of blue and gold brocade woven with a stylised scale pattern and studded with gilt round-headed nails. The edges are bordered with black velvet with an inner line of blue and white silk braid. The linings are all of pale silk. The helmet plume consists of an artificial bullrush surmounting a tail of red-dyed hair set upon a slender crane with a mount of copper-gilt.


Places China


The plume for the helmet is too tall for the display and is stored in Store 3 cabinet 2 drawer A.