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5th-6th century

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Previously transferred to the British Museum (TR.167), but subsequently deemed a loan and returned [in 1997?]. Britsh Museum records note that it came from a burial at Mannheim, Germany.

Physical Description

Made of iron, in excavated condition. Blade is comprised of a cutting edge, with gentle convex curve. The head narrows around the socket, and curves downwards to form a flange behind the socket. The whole head is very corroded, and there are traces of (possibly) organic material inside the socket.


Dimensions: Overall length: 165 mm Weight: 630 g


Places Europe


The dimensions recorded in inventory file. Very similar in shape to VIII.95, although socket and rear flange are slightly longer on this one.
For general information on these Frankinsh throwing axes, see entry for VIII.95, under Notes (Logan 2003 (full ref. given there) not yet extracted for this entry or for others in RA collection - types of our axes according to Logan's typology at least should be noted - PJL).