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Helmet pieces

Helmet pieces



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Removed from XXVIA.125

Physical Description

All of the pieces are of iron inlaid with dots of brass forming borders and simple flower like shapes. The finial takes the form of a rectangular curved bar, bent over at right angles at the top anf terminating in a heart shaped finial at the base. It is complete with its holding socket and thumbscrew.
The neck guard is a single curved plate, forged into a concave section. Along the upper edge are three small brass hinges to attach it to the helmet skull. At each corner, and in the centre of the lower edge, that is drawn out to an obtuse point, are domed brass rivets.
the two ear-pieces are of typical Turkish construction of three plates rigidly riveted together. The central plate is extended downwards to a stepped point and is pierced, but not embossed. The front edge of the front plate is cut out for the eyes.


Dimensions: The length of the finial is 200 mm. The neck guard measures 260 mm by 76 mm and the ear-pieces measure 195 by 133 mm. Weight: The weight of the pieces is 0.45 kg.

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Places Turkey


The nasal was formerly XXVIA.125