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Repeating crossbow bolts

Repeating crossbow bolts



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Presented by L.J. Anderson Esq. in 1963

Physical Description

There are 10 bolts in the set.
The heads are simple quadrangular spikes with narrow circular waists, widening to form faceted plugs/tangs which fit into the shafts.
The shafts are of round section, of undecorated yellow-red wood with a band of black paint at the butt.The section of the shafts near the head is spirally bound with red-painted birch-bark to add extra strength and reinforcement.
Most of the arrows have little or no evidence surviving of the narrow feathered flights that were originally attached, but a small number have one or more traces of flight remaining, and most have marks which could indicate where flights were attached previously. One bolt (XXVIB.11 I) has two well-preserved flights and a clear mark where the third was originally placed.


OverallLength360 mm
OverallWeight0.016 kg
HeadLength45 mm
ShaftWidth10 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places China/Asia