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Mail shirt (zereh)

Mail shirt (zereh)



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Presented by the East India Company, 1851.

Physical Description

The shirt opens at the front with long sleeves and reaches to mid-thigh with a slit up the centre of the back skirt. The mail is of iron of butted rings with narrow borders to the body of the garment and cuffs in brass rings. A quilted collar of gold and crimson brocade lined with crimson velvet and two narrow matching facings are sewn to the neck and breast. One gold tinsel tassled cord for tying at the chest, remains. From under the fabric collar hangs a narrow cape of a fine iron mail diapered with lozenges of brass rings. It hangs over the shoulders and back in sever slender points.


Dimensions: The length from collar to hem is 710 mm, from cuff to cuff is 1410 mm and across the chest under the arms is 510 mm. Weight: The weight on its board support is 7.15 kg.


Bibliographic References

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