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Presented by the Wellcome Historical Medical Museum, 1954.

Physical Description

The shaffron consists of a main plate, flat at the top and steeply angled for the nose where the sides are bent down to a rectangular section. On the forehead is a raised bos surrounded by raised bands, with curvelinear shapes on the nose. All the embossed details are surrounded by a double row of punched dimples and dots. The edges are bound with leather that hold in place a padded lining of coarse cloth. Attached to the top edge is a broad leather strap with a bifurcated distal end. Crossing this at right angles is a further strap whose ends have been cut short. These straps are edged with leather binding and decorated with strips of green leather. There remain the remmnants of two straps on the right side of the shaffron. Also present, but detached are the cheek pieces which are semicircular, embossed with a central boss, with a punched border. Like the main plate they are bordered with leather and lined. These appear to have been attached on eith side of the nose section.


Dimensions: The length of the main plate exluding the strap is 510 mm, the maximum width being 195 mm. The length of the cheek pieces being 235 mm, the width being 151 mm. Weight: the weight of the main plate is 1.75 kg, the weight of the two side plates being 0.95 kg.

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Places Sudan


Compare the magnificent jewelled version of the same in the Khalili collection, D Alexander, The Arts of war, 120-1, no. 65.