Object Title

Arrow guide (tong-a)

Arrow guide (tong-a)



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Made from a length of bamboo that has had a strip cut from the side to form a long open trough, rather more than a semicircle. The base end is painted dark green with bamboo leaves in gold. The upper end is in red, similarl;y decorated and meeting the green on the diagonal. The upper end tapes to a rounded end.


Dimensions: The length of the object is 715 mm. Weight: The weight of the object is 0.036 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks



Places Korea


Peter Dekker provides a comparable arrow guide from the International Traditional Bow and Arrow of Yesterday and Today, The Young Jip Bows & Arrows Museum, 2008 (copy on Inv. File), similarly decorated in red and black/green. He notes that Korean ones require a string loop for attachment to the middle finger, for which they usually have four holes at the rear end (pers. comm. 16 May 2011).