Object Title

Mail and plate coat (zereh bagtar)

Mail and plate coat (zereh bagtar)



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Ownership uncertain, see AL.8. Deposited by Lord Hardinge of Penshurst, 1955.

Physical Description

This armour is similar in every respect to XXVIA.23 except that the front plates of the body and two rows of the horizontal plates of the back are heavily gilded, also the collar and facings of quilted velvet remain attached. The outside is blue and studded with gilt nails and lined with green velvet. The facings retain their tinsel tassels and loops for fastening.


Dimensions: The distance from cuff to cuff with the arms outstretched is 1620 mm. The width across the chest under the arms is 480 mm, the length from shoulder to lower hem being 853 mm. The front plates are 239 mm long. Weight: The weight of the coat is 6.95 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

At the back of the neck a metal label is attached bearing the words 'Datia State' in a frame applied in silver on a hatched surface.