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Arrow - Whistling Arrow

Arrow - Whistling Arrow



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Physical Description

The shaft is straight and of light wood, being fitted at the base with a whistle of carved wood with a cap and base possibly of bone, and having five slots. A small stub of the shaft protrudes from the front of the whistle, There is no head or other protection for the whistle at the tip. The long fletchings are mainly white with black towards the nock, the shaft between them being painted red. Theres are two thin, black bindings at the base of the fletchings. There are four fletchings and the nock is painted white.



OverallLength1045 mm
OverallWeight76 g
FletchingsLength285 mm
HeadLength52 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Places China/Asia


Date suggested by Peter Dekker (2010) as Qianlong on the basis of the red paint and description of this type of arrow in the Qianlong Huangchao Liqi Tushi, which also identifies the fletchings as young eagle feathers. Compare XXVIB.101 of exactly the same type. Peter also comments on military or ceremonial/huinting use, see XXVIB.6.