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Short sword and scabbard

Short sword and scabbard



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Transferred from the Royal Collection at St James' Palace in 1954.

Physical Description

The blade is straight and flat sided tapering evenly from the hilt to the point. Both surfaces show concentric striations showing that it has been forged from mixed metals. The quillon block is rectangular with the front and sides shaped with vertical grooves and engraved lines, the back being plain. Above the block is a collar of iron with an indented top edge, roughly decorated with incised borders and lines. The entire grip is wrapped with wire, presumably over a wooden core, and is rectangular in section but slightly swollen in the centre. Superimposed on the front face of the grip is a strip of brass that expands into two lobes in the centre. The pommel is of iron, of fleur-de-lis outline with a large bead of red coral in a silver mount on the centre of the front face. At the back, which is otherwise plain is a flat iron loop.

The scabbard is of wood, covered with a brocade that is now totally discoloured, and bound around the edge with an iron strip that forms the chape at the base on which is superimposed a silver boss decorated with spiral lines. Towards the base, the brocade is covered by a panel of silver embossed and chased with scrolls and further decorated with three coral beads in silver mounts. The throat mount is missing and has been replaced by a binding of wire.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 495mm, the overall length of the sword being 630mm and the scabbard being 525mm. Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.45 kg, that of the scabbard is 0.35 kg.

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Places Tibet


RC3: Royal association to be noted on loan papers to the Royal Armouries Board of Trustees.