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Aquired in exchange for sword XXVIS.123, with Major A.D.F. White, May 1966.

Physical Description

This shield is of circular convex form with a turned up rim made of thick hide. It is lacquered black with a red rim. It has four bosses and ornaments of white metal consisting of a crescent and star and a pierced central plate containing a demon's head. A square leather pad with grips is attached to the four bosses by rivets; also a blue webbing sling is provided.


Places Bhutan


Shields of this type were attributed to the royal guard by Stone (Glossary, New York, 1931, p.53) but they were in use long before the monarchy was established in 1907. See Ashley Eden, (Report on the State of Bootan, 1863-4, p.166). There is a nice photograph of Ugyen Wangchuck and his bodyguard, all using them, in 1905, in C Schickelgruber and F Pommaret, Bhutan, mountain fortress of the gods, London, Serindia, 1997: 225.