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First registered by Valuations Team when on loan to Inns of Court Yeomanry (Loan L149), 18/07/1989.

Physical Description

General Type Description: The blade has a small tapered steel head of triangular section of concave sides. This is supported on a long conical neck, which serves as a socket. No langets are present. The bamboo haft is fitted at its point of balance with a leather sleeve, and above it, a looped leather sling. A steel butt protector is fitted which tapers from a rounded point into a rounded moulding, then into a socket. No langets are present.


Dimensions: Length of head: 303 mm, length of shoe: 154 mm, length overall: 2675 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

Shoe: CC over 30 over 6RC (all struck through); 4 over DG over 57 (all struck through); 7 over 94 (all struck through); 6 over PCC (the last three characters struck through); DP.Head: D over 2.


Places Britain


For this pattern generally, see C. foulkes and E.C. Hopkinson, 'Sword, Lance and Bayonet', 2nd edn, London, 1967, pp.103 (Fig. 50, Nos 8 & 9), 104-6.