Object Title

Horseman's hammer

Horseman's hammer



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The head is round in section with a domed face, the balancing pick having a square section and a double curve. The entire head is decorated with silver inlay left in relief, og foliage in outlines and with an arabic inscription along the upper surface of the pick. Below the head is a long ferrule of brass, originally silvered, whilst at the butt is a similar fitting. The remainder of the shaft is covered in red velvet with the seam covered by a gilt braid.


Dimensions: The length of the head is 181 mm, the overall length of the hammer being 648 mm. Weight: The weight of the hammer is 0.494 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Inscrption on head.


Bibliographic References

J. Hewitt, Official catalogue of the Tower Armouries, London, 1859, no. xv.598, p.119.

Viscount Dillon, Illustrated guide to the Armouries, London, 1910, no. xv.730, p.6.


Hewitt records that it is inscribed 'Kyahya Moosa Aga.' in Turkish, 'Moosa' being the name of the owner.