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Horseman's hammer

Horseman's hammer



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Acquired before 1859.

Physical Description

The head is of iron with a square sectioned poll having a truncated pramidal face. It is balanced by a curved square sectioned pick having two short grooves near the eye and a central one nearer the point on each face. The sides of the poll and the grooves in the pick are outlined in silver, the former having shaped inlaid cartouches. Below the head are silver ferrules, formerly gilt, at the top and bottom of the black leather covered shaft. The head has been affixed by a large hand-made iron nail hammered into the end of the shaft.


Dimensions: The length of the head is 208 mm, the overall length of the weapon being 657 mm. Weight: The weight of the hammer is 1.07 kg.

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Places Turkey

Bibliographic References

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