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Sword (kilic)

Sword (kilic)



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Presented by the National Art Collections Fund, 1942. From the Norton Hall collection, no. 251.

Physical Description

The blade is very curved and flat sided like a shamshir but has a widening towards the point in the manner of a kilic. The cross is of silver with elongated quillons ending in trilobed finials and decorated with a trophy incorporating cannon barrels. The hilt has ivory scalles with silver rivets and and eyelet for a wrist cord. The silver covered wood scabbard is embossed with trophies of arms, vases of flowers within C scrolls and floral decoration. There are two bands with rings for suspension.


Dimensions: The length of the blade, measured from cross to tip, is 752 mm, the overall length of the sword being 900 mm and the scabbard being 780 mm. Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.73 kg, the weight of the scabbard is 0.69 kg.

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