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Presented by Mr F.H. Cripps-Day, 1942.

Physical Description

The 'boot-stirrup' is constructed of three parts: the stirrup, the boot and the sole plate. The stirrup is of horseshoe shape with an integral footplate at its base. At the apex of the stirrup is a box with an opening for looping the stirrup leather through. Across the front of the box is a bar. The side members of the stirrup extend down from each side of the box and join the footplate. The side members taper from a width at the top of 28mm to 46mm at the bottom. The footplate is welded to the side members and is oval in shape. Along the outer curved edge of the footplate are three pairs of square punched holes. This is repeated on the inner curved edge. Attached to the front inner edge of the stirrup by four replacement flush rivets and by another two through the footplate is the 'boot'. It is constructed from one piece of steel, which is formed and curved to enclose the front of the foot. It is riveted along its bottom edge to the sole plate at three points using modern rivets, one at each side and one at the tip. The soleplate is constructed of plate steel with three tabs turned inwards for securing to the 'boot'. Two flush rivets join the soleplate to the footplate. This appears to be a modern replacement or a repair. The side members of the stirrup have etched and gilt decoration of plain foliage in 'candelabrum formation' on a granulated ground. This 'candelabrum', symmetrical decoration, is bordered by narrow herringbone bands, which extends over the top of the box. The front of the box is decorated with etched and gilt foliage on granulated ground. The 'boot' has bands of similar decoration. A central band of similar 'candelabrum decoration'is bordered by subsidiary bands of double herringbone and enclosed by gilt arcading with points at the connections. Issuing from either side of the central decoration and bordering the stirrup side members is another similar band of running foliage. This is contained by a double row of herringbone decoration. Enclosing this is a continuation of the gilt arcading, with points, from the central decoration. The underside of the soleplate shows some separation and corrosion damage. It has possibly been cut down to its present size and shape to facilitate a repair by the addition of the existing modern soleplate. A lining is possibly missing.


Weight: 2lb. 7oz. (1108g)

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Places Italy

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in the painting 'Baptism of Clorinda' by P. Finoglia at Castello di Conversano. (See correspondence file)


This boot stirrup belongs to the same armour as the gauntlet III.1407. This stirrup also forms part of an armour or group of armour pieces of which are to be found in a number of public and private collections. E.g. Armeria Reale, Turin; Metropolitan Museum, New York. Compare nos. VI.131, VI.132.