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Right locking gauntlet

Right locking gauntlet



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Lockett sale (Christies) 12/6/1942, lot 286. Morgan Williams sale (Christies) with matching burgonet 26/5/1921, lots 276 and 177. From the collection of Dr. Richard Williams, 1974

Physical Description

All plates throughout the gauntlet are reinforced with an internal second skin, secured with flush rivets. It has a one piece, short, heavy pointed cuff secured by three flush rivets on the inner wrist. The main edge around the cuff has a plain turn over wire. The cuff has a medial-ridge and swells at the wrist to fit the base of the thumb and provide a seating for the three metacarpal plates. Four surviving brass lining rivets border the main edge, two others are replacement steel rivets and one is missing. These are for the retention of a missing lining band, to which the missing glove was attached. Issuing from the other, subsidiary edge of the cuff are three metacarpal plates. A knuckle plate and seven broad, finger-plates are ridged to delineate fingers. These are attached and articulate, in series, by a rivet on each side of the plates overlapping outwards from the knuckle plate. Each plate extends across the width of the gauntlet. There is one replacement internal strap, probably for the retention of glove to gauntlet, secured by replacement, unpeined rivets; one at either side of the third finger-plate. The fifth finger plate outer pivot rivet is a steel replacement. The sixth finger-plate had three rivets for the retention of the and missing strap, only one rivet remains. The seventh finger-plate is long, extending beyond the fingers and slotted with three vertically-aligned slots for attachment and adjustment to a turning pin on the inner wrist of the cuff. This plate is only ridged where it joins to the sixth finger-plate, corresponding to the end of the fingers. The decoration consists of central band of etched and gilt foliage on a straight stem background, which is silvered with a granulated infill. This is bordered by narrow herringbone panels and enclosed by gilt arcading with points at the connections. The main edge of the cuff is bordered by similar narrow herringbone panels. The main turned edge of the cuff is damaged on the right-hand side, there is also damage at the cuff joint. The knuckle plate has a hole between two inner brass rivets, the outer rivets are replacements of steel. The third metacarpal plate has two missing flush rivets from the inner edge. There is corrosion damage over the entire gauntlet. The glove is missing. Thumb defence is missing.


Dimensions: Length 220 mm, width 132 mm

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Bibliographic References

See Stephen V. Grancsay, 'Museum armor and Van Dyck Portrait from Vienna,' The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin, Vol. VIII, no.9, May 1950, pp.270-3.


This gauntlet belongs to the same armour as the boot stirrup VI.348. This gauntlet and stirrup form part of an armour or group of armours, pieces of which can be found in a number of public and private collections,e.g.Armeria Reale, Turin; Metropolitan Museum, New York. Compare VI.131, VI.132.