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Tilt armour

Tilt armour



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Purchased from the trustees of the Duke of Westminster, 1959.

Physical Description

Somewhat composite but its main parts all of Augsbug make and of approximately the same date. Close helmet of the type intended to fit the top plate of the gorget: skullpiece with finely formed keel-shaped comb; low down on either side is a group of four holes for the laces of the straps cradling the wearer's head. Two piece visor, the upper part with narrow vision slit and two holes for attaching a reinforcing piece, the lower having a trap with spring catch for ventilation on the right side. Gorget with three neck lames, not belonging to the other pieces. Peascod breast plate with removable lance-rest secured by staples and a pin, the leading edge of the rest being serrated the better to hold the graper on the butt of the lance. The breastplate is fastened to the backplate at the sides by hinged steel straps. The backplate which bears traces of etched decoration is associated. [handwritten note: from the Black Rosenblattgarniture [?] with leaves outside the bands (Pieces at Ambrus [?] etc)] Single fauld-plate; tassets of five lames. The pauldrons are not a pair, the right being of correct type, full at the back and narrow at the front, the left being a full field pauldron which has had the plates cut back at the front to allow it to fit under the grandguard.The lower arms are a pair and have concealed turners and fanplates encircling the bend of the arm. Cuishes [sic] made in two parts, the upper detachable from the lower by turning pins and slots and having two articulations. The small articulated lames below the main plates of the poleyns are continued to form the lower halves of the fanplates. Greaves articulated twice at the ankle, the rear plates slotted for spurs. Sabatons of eight lames with rounded toe-caps. Extra pieces. These consist of: 1. A reinforcing buffe covering the chinpiece of the helmet as well as the left side of the lower visor and part of the right and extending over the upper part of the breastplate to which it is secured by two bolts, a third bolt fastening it to the visor. 2. A grandguard covering the left shoulder and left side of the breastplate; it is secured to the buffe by a bolt and also by one of the bolts fastening the buffe to the breastplate. [handwritten: for the Italian joust]. Compare no.s 74, 185 [Handwritten in tiny writing: 1977 had a 'pair' [?] of gauntlets [?] re identified [maker's mark of four crescents and four dots]. See II.74. Metallurgy report: Dr. A Williams. Examined on side edge of backplate. Microstructure contains pearlite and ferrite[?] as well as a number of slag inclusions. Carbon content perhaps 0.6%


OverallDepth350 mm
OverallHeight1680 mm
OverallWidth650 mm


Bibliographic References

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