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Rennzeug - Jousting Armour

Rennzeug - Jousting Armour



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Purchased from the National Magazine Co. (W R Hearst collection, St. Donat's Castle, Wales) October 1952, with the help of the Pilgrim Trust, National Art Collections Fund and a special Exchequer Grant, one of 52 items purchased. From the Imperial Armoury, Vienna.

Physical Description

Includes a blind shaffron and a combination spanner/screwdriver.


Historical Dimensions Record: Height: 1340mm, width: 735mm, depth: 790mm Weight: armour 29.91 kg (65 lb 14 oz), grandguard 9.19 kg (20 lb 4 oz), vamplate 5.45 kg (12 lb), right socket 3.26 kg (7 lb 3 oz), left socket 3.75 kg (8 lb 4 oz) total 51.26 kg (112 lb 14 oz)


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