Object Title

Lance - Model 1890/93 Stahlrohrlanze

Lance - Model 1890/93 Stahlrohrlanze



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Physical Description

All metal haft of drawn steel, blade of quadrangular section, knurled hemp hand-grip with annular stop approx half-way along haft. Spike on the tip has 4 facets, 2 opposing ones of which are stamped. Further down the lance from the head are 6 brass studs, 2 of which are flat. These are the result of the removal of the 6 wire pennon loops of Model 1890 lances in or after 1893 to conform with the 4 brass stud attachements of the Model 1893. A cord runs through a hole in each of the other 4 studs for attachment of guidon. Base tapers to a tip.



Bladelength4.9 in
Bladelength126 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

'6.H. 45' Meaning 6th Hussars, squadron number ommitted, weapon number 45.
Near rivetted join near the shoe
'R' twice and probably an 'O' R is a repair mark, and the two sets of regimental markings might show this weapon was repaired from two parts. The repair would also explain why the weapon is in 3, rather than 2 parts and is slightly shorter than the orignal 320 cm.
below spike
6.H.1 13 (13 has a cross over it) 106 over 3 stamps This means 6th Hussars, 1st Squardron, formerly weapon numer 13 (crossed out) currently weapon number 106
facet of spike on head
W and a crowned calligraphic mark (for Wilheml II) over 91
opposite facet of spike on head


This guidon staff or lance was formerly numbered VII.1644 and then VII.4104. For full explanation see entry for VII.1644, under Notes. In consequence the location history of this object prior to October 2002 will be found in the entry for VII.4104 and the location history in this record prior to October 2002 is not for this object but almost certainly relates to the halberd, VII.1644 (PJL, 29/10/02).


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