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Claude Blair in 1982.

Physical Description

Basket hilt of steel consisting of a hollow, spherical pommel, and basket guardfs made up of bars of roughly octagonal section. The pommel is made in two halves divided latitudinally with aclose-set longitudinal gadrooning diverging from the centre. There are a horizontal moulding and two raised ribs on the side of the median line towards the blade. The ribs towards the blade have concave ends. The basket consists of an outer and inner knuckle-guard touiching the pommel and with their ends linked to the opposite ends of the main knuckle-guards in saltire. To the rear of each of the subsiduary knuckle-guards a diagonal guard links its end to the rear quillon. The subsiduary knuckle-guards are extended forward and then curve round to meet near the root of the forward quillon (fore-guards). Both quillons (rear one a replacement) are heavily recurved diagonally near their ends and terminate in ribbed and bud-like knobs. With the exception of the quillons the hilt is frontally symmetrical.
The grip is of wood bound with a twist of fine copper wire, with 'Turk's head' ferrules (all later replacements).
The straight blade is single-edged with a ricasso and narrow central fuller.



Dimensions: Overall length: 1028 mm (40 1/2 in), blade lenght: 888 mm (35 in) Weight: 1195 gm (2 lb 9 1/2 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On each face of the ricasso is amark consisting of a circle with two diverging prongs on opposite sides. Also struck on the outside with ten 'cogged' sickle marks and on the inside with eight more.


Bibliographic References

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