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Dagger - Rondel Dagger

Dagger - Rondel Dagger



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From the River Thames, at Billingsgate, London.

Physical Description

Iron pommel cap, in the form of an inverted and truncated cone, heavily conserved with a filler, although what appears to be a thin layer of copper alloy (brass) can be glimpsed along its edge, beneath the material used for restoration.
Straight blade of triangular cross-section. The disk guard is vandyked and flattened on one side, being bent downwards parallel with one of the flat faces of the blade. this extension has a transverse line engraving where it springs from the guard and a large "V" saped notch at the end. Attached to the grip is an iron ferrule of writhen form. The plain wooden grip, tapering from pommel to guard, is probably a replacement.




BladeLength247 mm
OverallLength353 mm
OverallWeight186 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped on one facet of the blade, at the forte, is the mark of a pair of pincers.