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Dagger - Left hand parrying dagger

Dagger - Left hand parrying dagger



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From the Thames at Brook's Wharf

Physical Description

In excavated condition, with a black patina overall.
Steel hilt. Spherical pommel capped by a large spherical tang button. The quillons are recurved in the plane of the blade, and also curve towards the outside of the hilt. They have spherical finials to match the pommel and tang button. Plain side ring with a spherical knop moulding at the centre. The grip is missing.
Straight double edged blade of hollow ground diamond section, bearing the remains of an inlaid copper-alloy mark on one of the outer faces. The sides of the short ricasso are not flat but rounded with a gentle convex curve.



BladeLength330 mm
OverallLength448 mm
OverallWeight397 g

Inscriptions and Marks




A dagger excavated from the Thames at Godstone Bridge in 1866, with similar quillons and side-ring is in the Ashmolean Museum (No.94)

A dagger with a similar hilt and identical pommel is in the Museum of London (ex Guildhall No.XVII 124). It was excavated in Steelyard in 1864

According to AVB Norman there is a group of French daggers which have both quillons curving towards the outside of the hilt.