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Sword (khanda)

Sword (khanda)



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Formerly in the Tower Collection, XV.106. Transferred to the British Museum in 1913, returned to Tower Armouries 1954.

Physical Description

The blade is straight, widening towards the tip. Two reinforcements, one on the fore edge for about a quarter of the blades length and the other on the back edge for about two-thirds of the length. Both reinforcements are decorated with koftgari. The edges of the blade are scalloped. The long langet terminates in a pierced onion shaped finial. Two 'staples' attaching the langets to the guard. The guard and the knuckle bow are lined with a faded red cushion, backed on leather, stitched with gold braid. Attached to the grip is a black silk wrist loop with gold and red bindings. The pommel is flat with a raised edge. The curved spike emerges fom a central dome. The entire hilt is silvered and the moldings gilt. _


Dimensions: The length of blade 767 mm. The length overall 955 mm. _ Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.235 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks