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Sword (khanda) and scabbard

Sword (khanda) and scabbard



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Purchased from the Great Exhibition of 1851. Transferred to the British Museum, 1913. Returned to the Tower, 1954.

Physical Description

The watered steel blade is straight and widens towards the tip. Two reinforcements, one on the back edge for two-thirds of the blades length, decorated in floral patterns. The large langet is gilded with a tassel shaped finial. The knuckle bow and the guard are lined with a blue velvet cushion, backed on leather and stitched with red cotton. The pommel is dish shaped, terminating in a central dome with a long spike. Two embroidered pendant tabs are attached to a ring on the spike. The entire hilt is gilded over a chiselled foliate pattern. The wood scabbard is covered with red velvet. The chape and locket are of thin gilded metal with floral and bird pierced design. A strip of metal runs up the centre of the scabbard.


Dimensions: The blade length is 775 mm. The overall length is 993 mm. The scabbard length is 810 mm. _ Weight: The weight of the sword is 1.305 kg. The weight of the sword and scabbard is 1.600 kg. _

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Bibliographic References

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Diamond shape plate attached marked with the no. '15/246'.