Object Title

Sword (dha) and scabbard

Sword (dha) and scabbard



Object Number



Transferred from Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, no. E 920, 1966.

Physical Description

The blade is slightly curved, widening to the point, and is double edged for part of its length. On either side and at the back are panels with inscriptions and scrolling foliage in silver and copper wire overlay on a black ground. The hilt is formed of a tapering ivory grip of round section, mounted with a silver pommel cap and ferrule, the latter with a band of filigree decoration.

The scabbard is of polished wood with a top locket, chape and three bands of silver with borders and bindings of filigree.


Dimensions: length: in scabbard 87.5 cm (34.5 in), overall length: 85.2 cm (33.6 in), blade length: 66 cm (26.1 in) Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.6 kg, the scabbard being 0.025 kg.


Places Burma